Thermosill - build a better home!

Thermosill products are a new segment of facade elements that provide numerous solutions for contractors.

In our offer you will find two main product categories - sills and oversills.

Main Advantages of Thermosill products:

  •  Lightweight, are easy to handle creating no installation issues.
  • Perfect insulation material, eliminate cold bridging.
  • Weathered appearance corresponds with traditional sandstone surface.
  • Ideal material for renovations
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Diverse application ranging from timber frame, EWI system to block building.
  • Combines lightweight with impact resistance.
Easy and Fast Installation
Damage Resistant


You design. We produce.

We can manufacture individual elements fitted for your building. Send us sketch or project and we will take care of the rest.



Factory finish:

Owe to a professional factory finish Sills and Oversills are easy to treat on site.

External surfaces:

The outer coating integrates perfectly with traditional façade covering materials. The manufacturing technique guarantees a hard and impact resistant surface.

Conditions of storage before application:

Keep from sun and humidity. Must be handled carefully. Suitable for external use, utterly for decoration purposes.


Install products according to manufacturer technical data sheet.


  • As adhesive recommended is CT84 produced by the Ceresit Company.
  • As sealant we recommend CS29 produced by the Ceresit Company.


The Thermosill window-sills must be painted exclusively with paints that are intended for the outer coating. Recommended application of two paint coats.

Important information:

These elements are having strictly decorative functions. Insulation Sills are not created to carry loads.